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The new Forti5-S® at a glance:       

1. Hair stress support dietary supplement     

2. Developed by the Dermatogist research team behind the original Forti5     

3. Naturally promotes healthy hair growth & recovery      

4. Contains Phosphatidylserine for naturally supporting lower cortisol levels and combating the negative effects of oxidative stress.       

5. Delivers potent antioxidants including Green Tea, Resveratrol, Curcumin.       

* Gluten free & Lactose free.

The new Forti5-S was developed by the same internationally renowned research team who earned worldwide acclaim for developing the original Forti5. The added S in the new Forti5-S stands for Stress since it is primarily targeted at one of the main concerns for those suffering from hair loss – stress

Environmental toxins, poor diet and especially Stress can negatively affect hair growth. Forti5-S unique anti-oxidant formula gets to the root of these problems and can help naturally support healthy hair growth. 

It provides very important nutrients and vital anti-oxidants which are beneficial for naturally addressing oxidative stress from the inside out.