About Us

When it comes to skin care, there are many choices but not all products on the market come with the backing of industry experts. Quintessence® Skin Science offers you solutions that are actually recommended by leading dermatologists. Quintessence® Skin Science was founded by a group of prominent dermatologists with the University of Miami, looking to fill the void in skin care solutions that actually delivered the results both they and their patients were looking for.

Quintessence® Skin Science incorporates the latest advances in the science of physician based cosmetic skincare.  Our products are manufactured in the US utilizing the most advanced scientifically supported technology, including advanced plant stem cell biotechnology and nano-liposome delivery systems. Quintessence® Skin Science products have been formulated, tested and promoted by a group of prominent Dermatologists in the US and Europe. These formulas are backed by the latest science and delivered in affordable, accessible, and environmentally responsible formulations.

We are best known in the professional Spa and Dermatology sector by our renowned Miami Peel® professional chemical peel systems that deliver remarkable results in a self-neutralizing peel application.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of this elegant, clinical line in the privacy of your own home. With the Quintessence® Skin Science line, you're benefiting from the same technologies, formulations, and applications that skincare professionals--from cosmetic surgeons to dermatologists, employ in their own clinics. These carefully developed and rigorously tested products stem from the same guiding philosophy, but collectively cover a broad gamut of cosmetic and dermatological needs.

Our founders are passionate about providing the means to attain beautiful and healthy skin at any age, regain the natural glow of youth, and reverse the assaults of time, the sun and environmental damage.

No matter your skin care needs, you can discover a Quintessence® Skin Science Product that works for you. Enjoy healthier, younger-looking skin thanks to the Science of Quintessence®.