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The new Forti5-S® at a glance:       

1. Hair stress support dietary supplement     

2. Developed by the research team behind the classic Forti5®       

3. Promotes hair regrowth & hair recovery and can be beneficial for people with Alopecia Areata (AA)       

4. Contains Phosphatidylserine for lowering cortisol level and combating stress.       

5. Delivers key antioxidants & substances incl. Green Tea, Resveratrol, Curcumin.       

6. Gluten free & Lactose free.

The new Forti5-S® has been designed by the same internationally renowned researchers who earned worldwide acclaim for developing and introducing the classic Forti5® several years ago. The added S in the new Forti5's name stands for Strong & anti-Stress since it is primarily targeted at combating one of the main causes of hair loss – stress

Thanks to the synergistical effect of its ingredients, Forti5-S® is helpful for many hair loss conditions and can be particularly beneficial for patients suffering from Alopecia Areata (AA). As in this condition hair follicles basically remain alive, and hair can regrow, it is one of product's main strengths the enhanced hair regrowth after regular use. In fact, initial tests indicate that Forti5-S® might help patients affected by different hair loss conditions see their hair regrow within several months.

Supplement’s unique formula provides very important substances and vital anti-oxidants which are beneficial for reducing oxidative stress on cell level not only in hair follicles alone, but also in general. That is why, besides stimulating hair regrowth, Forti5-S® might be helpful also for improving cognitive and athletic abilities.