Skincare Routine for the Festive Season

Discover the perfect skincare routine for preparing and maintaining your skin for the festive season. It is important to keep yourself and your skin hydrated especially when you have been overindulging in food and drink and having less sleep. Follow this routine step by step to have flawless skin this Christmas

Step 1

Cleanse with Q-SkinScience Purifying Cleanser

A refreshing daily cleanser that deep-cleans the skin and pores removing impurities including makeup, dirt and surface oils. With its gentle soothing properties and being detergent free Purifying Cleanser is the perfect cleanser for all skin types including sensitive.

Step 2

Tone with Q-SkinScience Green Tea Toner

An uniquely effective toner designed for use on the face after cleansing with the Purifying Cleanser. It helps balance the skin's natural pH levels as well as rehydrate the face and restore the skin's natural acid mantle. Additionally Green Tea Hydrating Mist comes in a handy sized bottle so ideal to use when out and about keeping your skin toned and hydrated.

Step 3

Boost with Phyto-Active Facial Emulsion

Rich in Swiss apple stem cell biotechnology, phyto-nutrients and vitamins Phyto-Active Facial Emulsion is full of vitamins to give your skin a boost - the ultimate in facial rejuvenation.

Step 4

Moisturize with Phyto-Active MBR

Phyto-Active MBR is a light, easily absorbed formulation containing a proprietary combination of, natural essential lipids, a patented natural bioactive keratin, ceramides and apple stem cell extract providing optimum skin barrier protection and long lasting repair and regeneration.

Step 5

Protect with Serum C

Serum C not only protects but also rejuvenates your skin. A highly effective antioxidant and firming serum rich in vitamins leaving your skin feeling hydrated