Tone on the go

Quintessence® Green Tea Toner is a uniquely effective skin care formulation designed for use on the face after cleansing with Quintessence® Purifying Cleanser. It helps balance the skin’s natural pH levels as well as re-hydrate the face and restore the skin’s natural acid mantle. It also soothes irritated skin and gently prepares the skin for advanced treatments with other Quintessence® Skin Science products without stripping the skin of its precious moisture balance. This formula tones and conditions with natural solvents and astringents to dissolve residual oils and waxes and adds antioxidants, vitamins and other extracts to soothe and maintain a viable, fresh surface to the face.


 This refreshing, toning & hydrating formula combines antioxidants with aloe to counter the drying effects of aggressive skin care treatments and is excellent for daily use:

  1. Glycerin and Polysorbate gently dissolve cleanser residue and treatments.
  2. Green Tea Tannins and Witch Hazel provide astringent properties to tone pores following deep cleansing.
  3. Aloe Vera (Barbadensis) Gel and Cucumber accelerate healing and renewal of damaged skin. 
  4. Vitamin E helps to maintain epidermal barrier function. 




Green Tea Hydrating Mist


Refreshing Green Tea spray that hydrates and tones your skin on the go. Convenient 2 oz size easily fits in your purse or carry on.  Spritz up on long flights to keep your skin feeling fresh & invigorated.  Rich in antioxidants to protect skin from daily aggressors. Can be used on face & body.



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