Eye Treatments

If eyes are the windows to your soul, keeping them looking their best is essential. The skin around our eye area is 30% thinner than the surrounding skin on the rest of our faces so it requires special care.  If neglected this area is certainly the first to show the signs of aging.  Quintessence SkinScience has formulated two very special eye care treatments for this delicate area, both utilizing a proprietary Anhydrous or water free technology that permits a gentle preservative free formulation.

What is Clarifying Under-Eye Serum?

Uniquely ours, the Clarifying Under-Eye Serum delivers results that are backed by Science utilizing a BioEmulsion delivery system with lecithin liposomes for superb absorption and timed sustained release.  Clarifying Under-Eye Serum delivers a high concentration of Vitamin K along with Retinol (Vit. A), Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Green Tea Extract encapsulated in nanoparticles for optimum stability and absorption.

Clarifying Under-Eye Serum effectively reduces the appearance of dark circles in the under-eye area, while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the Crow’s Feet area. Scientifically advanced formulation covered by 5 separate US Patents. 

What is Phyto-Active Eye Gel?

Phyto-Active Eye Gel is a luxurious eye gel formulated with scientifically advanced Swiss plant stem cell biotechnology to promote a youthful and rejuvenated appearance to the delicate eye contour area.  This effective and gentle formula works to improve every eye area concern possible from dark under-eye circles and puffiness to lines, wrinkles and puffiness.  A great day time partner to the Clarifying Under Eye Serum at night to combat daytime free radical aggressors.  Phyto-Active Eye Gel is formulated with HALOXYL which clinical studies show that HALOXYL™ decreases the color intensity of the discoloration by as much as 45%.

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